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Boston Children’s Museum
308 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 426-6500

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Wednesday - Sunday
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Wednesday, November 24, 2021
Position Description: 

The Senior Educator, Art is a member of the STEAM team, the team responsible for developing and delivering quality, fun STEAM educational experiences for all museum constituents—including visitors to the Museum and others outside of the Museum (educators, caregivers, families) who use our resources.

The Senior Educator, Art will report to the Director of STEAM, and will model for and help to support other team members and staff within the Museum who are working to create and deliver educational experiences that reflect the goals and philosophies documented in Boston Children’s Museum’s Learning Framework, which emphasizes play and exploration in service of learning. Learning experiences may include activities, programs and workshops, exhibit components, school programs, curricular materials, or other resources for use by educators outside of the Museum.

The Senior Educator, Art will help to shape team educational priorities and initiatives, and make connections across other content teams by sharing expertise and approaches. Senior Educators ensure exhibit spaces are functioning properly, make suggestions about new programs and activities that could support exhibits, and periodically participating on relevant exhibit teams to develop new exhibit components. Applicants should have strong experience working with young children, an understanding of informal educational settings, and the ability to share knowledge with other colleagues (including Visitor Experience Ambassadors, other Educators, and Senior Staff in the Museum), and may be asked to represent the Museum by sharing their expertise with external partners. Senior Educators should have the ability to build strong working relationships with internal colleagues, as well as a proven record of networking and working with related community organizations outside the Museum.

The STEAM team is responsible for conducting a broad array of programming, including daily hands-on programming in the Art and STEAM Labs, workshops, Boston’s annual CreatedBy Festival, regular contemporary art installations in the Gallery, and working with groups in the community (from schools to other community organizations).

The Senior Educator, Art, will develop and oversee all aspects of programming in the Art Lab, will support and collaborate with STEAM programming, as well as art-related initiatives across the Museum, and planning for installations in the Gallery. Across all of our programs and exhibits, we seek to make the museum accessible and relevant to all families in our diverse community, and value the Museum’s equity, diversity, and inclusion work.

  • Lead the Museum’s work in art education (the A in STEAM), which may include leading defined projects or grants, organizing timelines, deliverables, and partners.
  • Share art content, pedagogy, and programmatic development expertise with colleagues; including to mentor Visitor Experience Ambassadors, Educators, and any other staff delivering art educational activities and programming that will benefit from drawing on the expertise of the Senior Educator, Art.
  • Serve as a resource for senior Museum staff, external partners, and networks in art education, drawing on specialized content knowledge to represent the Museum.
  • Model development of and lead engaging, educational, and fun interactive programs and experiences for children, adult caregivers, and educators, for use in the Museum, in schools, in community settings, in homes, and all areas in which our educational resources are used.
    • Lead brainstorms around experience development projects, model implementation of learning experience framework objectives and goals in resource development, actively participate and model development of new programs.
    • Guide iterative testing of activities, including scheduling testing sessions within the Museum and in educational settings outside of the Museum, participating in observations of activities; incorporate feedback from colleagues, observations, teachers, students, and evaluation professionals
    • Lead and plan specialty programs, which may include school/group/community/camp programs.
  • Work collaboratively with colleagues within the STEAM team and on other teams within the Programs and Exhibits department.
  • Serve on exhibit teams related to art and STEAM.
  • Support exhibits related to STEAM team’s areas of work by attending exhibit meetings, and developing related programming.
  • Assist with planning and delivery of major team and Museum events, such as programming for school vacation week, summer, events, and festival celebrations.
  • Serve visitors from diverse populations with age appropriate programming in a courteous and professional manner.
  • Communicate information about team initiatives to appropriate staff within the Museum, including Visitor Experience staff, and to external audiences (educational developers, teachers, etc.).
  • Work with manager and other team members to implement initiatives that align with the Museum's strategic plans.
  • Serve as main contact for partners, community organizations, and networks related to art and art education. Identify potential new partners, building strong strategic relationships for the Museum.
  • Support institutional and departmental initiatives, goals and operations. Collaborate with Museum leadership to further the Museum’s mission, and to ensure a cohesive staff culture. Participate in required all-staff activities, discussions, meetings, and trainings.
  • Other duties as assigned.

  • College degree required, with area of study in art, art education, or related field preferred.
  • Minimum of 5 years’ experience in museum education (or classroom teaching plus demonstrated understanding of community/informal educational settings.)
  • Experience with children ages 0 – 10 and an understanding of children’s emotional, intellectual, and social development.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and the ability work well with diverse, intergenerational audiences, in an energetic, friendly, outgoing, and professional manner.
  • Fluency in a second language is preferred.
  • Experience developing and implementing educational experiences, including public programs and activities.
  • Experience coordinating large-scale public events or programs.
  • Ability to network and forge collaborations with community partners.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills. Comfortable presenting to large groups.
  • Excellent organizational skills.

Physical Demands: Frequently stand/walk, sit, perform desk-based computer tasks, and use a telephone. Occasionally kneel/crawl, twist/bend/stoop/squat, grasp lightly/fine manipulation, and grasp forcefully, lift/carry/push/pull objects that weigh 21-40 pounds.

Work Environment: Ability to work in a lively, often noisy, and sometimes crowded environment with the public and with young children. Work is performed routinely within the Museum setting, but on occasion may require work performed outside. General office environment, shared common office space and equipment.

Other Factors: Weekend, school vacation, and holiday availability are required.

Boston Children’s Museum engages children and families in joyful discovery experiences that instill an appreciation of our world, develop foundational skills, and spark a lifelong love of learning.

Boston Children’s Museum is a welcoming, imaginative, child-centered learning environment that supports diverse families in nurturing their children’s creativity and curiosity. We promote the healthy development of all children so they will fulfil their potential and contribute to our collective well-being and future prosperity.

Creativity. Respect. Excellence. Accountability. Thoughtfulness. Equity.
Boston Children’s Museum is a curious, experimental, and creative learning organization. We have a child and family centered focus, welcoming and respecting all Museum audiences. We collaborate and show mutual respect and support for our colleagues. We recognize that each person has equal, intrinsic worth and deserves to be treated with dignity. We are a culture that innovates, changes, and pushes boundaries to keep the museum relevant. We are responsible to each other and strive to keep our commitments to our colleagues. We have a commitment to high ethical standards. We recognize the importance of work-life balance, respecting the importance of personal growth and family. We have an ongoing commitment to fairness in all aspects of the Museum and we embrace alternative ways of thinking. HOW TO APPLY: Send a copy of your resume and letter of interest to with the subject line: Sr. Art Educator

Application Closing Date: December 15, 2021

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