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Boston Children’s Museum
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Celebrate Engineers Week this February Vacation!

Join us for a week of hands-on STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) challenges February 17- 23. The Museum will celebrate National Engineers Week with age-appropriate activities that provide open-ended exploration and discovery opportunities for families. STEAM subject matter infused with an informal, hands-on, playful approach make these activities accessible and fun, and will provide opportunities for rich interactions between adults and children.

See our calendar for times & locations of events

Learn the basics of what a circuit is and how they work using regular household batteries and Christmas bulbs.

Draw a Flying Machine
Draw a flying machine of your own invention inspired by comic artist Jerel Dye.

Build with Origami Blocks
Origami is the Japanese art of folding paper to make three-dimensional objects. Learn how to make origami blocks and build your own structures with them.

Make Music with Makey Makey
Visitors will explore circuits and basic music concepts by using a simple computer program, their imagination, and some bananas, to make music.

Milo’s Museum
Join us for a story time of Milo's Museum by Zetta Eliot. Following the story time visitors will design and create models of museum exhibits about themselves.

Sound Sculptures
How do you blend visual and performing arts? Join us for a collaborative art project as we construct a sound sculpture out of recycled and repurposed found objects.

Spaulding Adaptive Sports
Meet people from Adaptive Sports Department at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital and try out adaptive equipment use in various sports.

Explore Collections
Engineering and technology aren’t new ideas. People have been inventing and problem solving for thousands of years. Discover objects from the Museum’s collections, and see how things have changed over the years.

Straw Structures
What can you build with 12 straws and 12 inches of tape? Can you make something that holds a tennis ball? Can you build a super tall structure? Can you build a bridge?

Lego Zip Line Challenge
Have you ever seen someone go down a zip line? Today, try to build a cart that will travel down several zip lines without it coming apart.

Mini Marble Mazes
Build a mini maze for your marble to travel down, using paper plates, pipe cleaners and other materials.

Using sticks and clay, try to build a structure that will survive 30 seconds on our earthquake table.

Learn the basics of coding with these small friendly robots. Create codes using magic markers, and watch the robots follow your commands.

Oil Spill Clean Up
Be an environmental engineer and try to figure out the best way to clean up oil that has spilled into the ocean.

Lego WeDo
Explore the basics of robotics using the classic brick building toy. Follow the directions to build a motorized robot that can push the “snow” out of the way, then try your hand at programming it.

Penguin Insulation
Can you design a home that protects your penguin from the heat of the sun? This engineering activity will challenge the whole family.

PlaySpace is closed for the construction of a new space for 0 to 3 year olds and their caregivers.
While under renovation, look for special Pop-Up PlaySpace experiences and programs throughout the Museum. Learn more about Pop-Up PlaySpace

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