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Boston Children’s Museum
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Boston Children’s Museum Presents “Mimi’s Family”

October 15, 2015
Photography Exhibit Showcases Transgender Grandparent and Family
Boston Children’s Museum’s new gallery exhibit, Mimi’s Family, is a series of images by photographer Matthew Clowney of Erica (aka Mimi) Tobias, a transgender grandparent, and her family in everyday situations. Clowney, a Providence-based artist and professor at the Rhode Island School of Design, worked closely with Tobias and her family to make photographs that show the love they have for one another. “I’ve been making photographs of families for ten years now, largely in honor of the many ways that loving groups of people embrace their family members,” said Clowney. I’m excited to work with them and to join their celebration of family by helping to share their story.”

The photographs show Mimi, her children, and grandchildren playing, eating, relaxing, and enjoying one another’s company. In a respectful and caring way, the photographs portray the love and commitment of family members. Accompanying the exhibit are open-ended questions that encourage visitors to discuss their families and reflect on differences and similarities. Questions include “What makes your family special?” and “What does it feel like to spend time with someone you love?” For those visitors who want to contribute to the exhibit, there is a sharing station where they can draw or write something about their family and post it for others to see.

Mimi herself is thrilled to have her family featured in this exhibit and hopes it helps other families talk and learn together. “I am delighted to be included in this family exhibit showcasing the genuine love and support that we have for each other and to share it other with families,” said Erica Tobias.

The Museum has a history of creating exhibits that address differences and similarities, and topics that can be hard to discuss such as death, disabilities, and race. Every two months the Museum gallery showcases the work of a local artist or artists, and gives visitors the chance to get a close-up look at some of the innovative, beautiful, and inspiring work created by the talented New England artist community.

“We recognize the challenges of addressing such a sensitive and personal topic as this,” said Carole Charnow, Museum President and CEO. “Within the safe and accessible context of a children’s museum, and in a dignified way, Mimi’s Family offers opportunities for discussion, perspective taking, empathy, and understanding in developmentally appropriate ways.”

Mimi’s Family will be open October 17 – December 13, 2015.

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