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Raising Moral and Happy Children

November 29, 2012
Boston Children’s Museum Hosts Lunch & Learn Forum Featuring Child and Family Psychologist Richard Weissbourd

(BOSTON, MA) November 29, 2012, Boston Children’s Museum recently hosted a Lunch & Learn forum attended by parents and educators featuring Richard Weissbourd speaking on the topic Raising Moral and Happy Children (video). Weissbourd’s presentation addresses important topics including empathy, values, achievement, honesty, cheating, happiness, moral identity, and their implications for parenting.

Weissbourd is a child and family psychologist and is on the faculty of Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government and School of Education. He is the author of The Parents We Mean To Be, How Well-Intentioned Adults Undermine Children’s Moral and Emotional Development. Weissbourd approaches this subject as a psychologist and from a first-hand perspective as a father of three.

A recent Gallup poll indicated that seven out of ten Americans believe the moral and ethical climate of the country is on the decline. Today’s parents are flooded with data about how to keep their child’s mind and body healthy, but information about moral and character development is not as available. Historically, morality was an essential objective of childrearing. Throughout time, the role of adults, especially parents, in children's moral development has been a central focus.

"Rick Weissbourd’s presentation takes a refreshing look at the whole child, addressing important issues. He highlights the cost and stress of focusing solely on academic achievement in children to the exclusion of emphasizing emotional connections and perspective. Not surprisingly, moral development also has important implications for mental and emotional health, and Rick connects these dots in a compelling way," said Dr. Michael Yogman, Boston Children’s Museum’s Board Chair. "We are delighted that we are able through these Lunch and Learn forums, to support parents in their childrearing by sharing the insights of leading thinkers like Rick Weissbourd."

Boston Children’s Museum is committed to the healthy development of children and supporting parents and caregivers as they help their children reach their full potential. The Lunch & Learn forums began in 2010 and have covered topics such as bullying, childhood obesity and how children learn.

"The Lunch & Learn at Boston Children's Museum proved to be a wonderful afternoon," said Ashley Harmon, Museum Member. "The speaker was thought provoking, the ensuing discussion rich and interesting, and I left the event feeling like a better informed parent than when I walked in the door. I hope there will be many more speakers to learn from and further opportunities to enhance our parenting techniques."

A video of Weissbourd’s thought provoking presentation can be viewed at


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