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Boston Children’s Museum
308 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 426-6500

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Wednesday - Sunday
2 time slots,
9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Boston Marathon Team Frequently Asked Questions

How do I join the Boston Children’s Museum marathon team?
Please fill out the application available on this website. There is no application fee.

Are there any requirements to join the team?
Yes! You must commit to a minimum fundraising goal of $10,000, be at least 18 years old on April 18, 2022 and be able to finish the 26.2 mile course in under 6 hours. You are also responsible for the B.A.A. Boston Marathon registration fee. All fees and donations are non-refundable.

I’m not from the Boston area. Can I still join the team?
Of course! All of those passionate about the Museum’s mission who want to “run on kid power” should consider running with our marathon team, regardless of where they live.

I’m already registered and qualified for the Boston Marathon – why should I fundraise for Boston Children’s Museum?
Boston Children's Museum educates our youth by showing parents and families the power of play. We need the support of runners like you, runners who recognize the impact of early childhood education and exploratory opportunities, to spread the word of our mission and help solicit critical funds that allow us to succeed. As a qualified runner, your fundraising minimum is only $2,000.

If you’re interested or if you have more questions, email us at

You have my application! What’s next?
You will be contacted for a brief phone interview this spring.

Can I raise more than the goal of $10,000?
Of course! We will be looking for team members who set a substantial fundraising goal above and beyond what we ask for.

Where does the money go?
The money raised by our marathon team goes to support our Annual Fund. Boston Children’s Museum Annual Fund provides the critical funding necessary to ensure that our high-quality programs, groundbreaking exhibits, multicultural celebrations, and teacher trainings remain accessible and available to all those in the Boston (and even the global!) community.

What happens if I don't meet the $10,000 fundraising minimum?
We are expecting each of our runners to meet at least the minimum of $10,000 raised, and we will work with you throughout the year with tips and strategies to ensure that we all get the most out of this opportunity. If you are unable to raise the $10,000 minimum, we expect you to be responsible for the remaining difference and we’ll have a conversation with you about the best way you can fulfill your commitment.

What happens if I get injured or have to drop out?
We understand that injuries happen and life circumstances change. If you do need to drop out of the race, we keep all donations you have received up until that point. If you drop out and we are unable to fill your place with an alternate, we do expect that you will continue your fundraising efforts with us during the spring.

Do I have to stay with the Boston Children’s Museum team during the Boston Marathon?
You do not! We know that everyone will have to run at their own pace.

What happens if I don't finish the race?
We hope that together we can prepare for the challenge of the Boston Marathon and that you have a fulfilling experience on our team and during the race. However, it is all right if you are unable to finish the race.

How do I get more information about the Boston Marathon and the John Hancock Nonprofit Program?
For more information about the marathon, visit the Boston Athletic Association website and the John Hancock Nonprofit Program website.
What if someone wants more information about Boston Children’s Museum and its programs?
We are always happy to share the Museum’s mission with interested supporters! If someone wants to learn more about what we do and how to get involved, please have them email or call 617-986-3728.

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