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Boston Children’s Museum
308 Congress Street
Boston, MA 02210
(617) 426-6500

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Wednesday - Sunday
2 time slots,
9:00am - 12:00pm and 1:30pm - 4:30pm

Group Visits
Since its founding by teachers over a century ago, Boston Children’s Museum has been a leading destination for memorable field trips and outside-the-classroom learning. In these challenging times, we are working hard to continue supporting our learning communities.

In-Museum Group Visits
The Museum is currently hosting very limited self-guided visits for schools, learning pods, community groups, afterschool programs, and childcare centers. Reservations are considered on a case-by-case basis only. Please contact our Groups Coordinator at

Virtual Museum Experiences for Groups

Money Matters Virtual Museum Experience

What are the businesses in our community? How do we and our neighbors make and spend money? Students will get the chance to explore these financial literacy concepts through role play, creating their own small businesses, and making shopping choices.

This program is broken into four parts, including two virtual visits from the Museum educator.

Part 1: Students will be introduced to the idea of a small business through a storybook. The storybook will be provided by the Museum, but facilitated by the teacher.
Part 2: A Museum staff will virtually guest star in the class to facilitate a discussion about businesses the students are familiar with and guide students in thinking about what small business they want to create.
Part 3: Between the two Museum visits, the teacher will help students pick their businesses. Then, students will complete small business plans, make signs to promote their businesses, and make fake money to use in the following part of the program.
Part 4: The Museum staff will come again, after a few days, and students will sell from and shop at the businesses they created.

Thanks to generous support from Citizens Bank, Virtual Money Matters Experiences for many schools can be facilitated free of charge. Within the interest form, you can indicate whether you would like your class to be considered for a sponsored visit. For classrooms not receiving a sponsored visit, the cost is $500 ($250 per session).

Check back here soon for additional information about more virtual museum experiences.

Virtual Visit Request Form

Sink and Float Virtual Museum Experience

Will it sink or will it float? In this virtual program, kindergarteners will participate in a simple exploration that gives them the chance to practice the science skills of making predictions, doing an experiment, making observations and collecting data, all using the common phenomenon of sinking and floating. The program is in 2 parts:
  1. Pre-activity:
    • Students will watch a video of the museum educators demonstrating the experiment, so they can try it with their grown-ups at home.
  2. Program with Museum Educators (30 minutes):
    • Museum educators will review the concepts of sinking and floating and the definition of a prediction.
    • In breakout rooms, students will repeat the experiment virtually with an adult facilitator, who will guide students through choosing a material, making a predition, and observing what happens. They will complete a chart together to collect data from the experiments.
    • The class will come back together to review the results of the experiments and reflect on their experience.

  3. The cost is $250 per session for up to 25 kindergarteners.
    Virtual Visit Request Form

Online Learning Resources
Looking for online resources to use now? Check out the Museum’s collection of current learning resources, which can be easily adapted for use by schools, afterschool programs, learning pods, homeschooling, and more.
Learning Resources

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