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Art Lab

The Art Lab is a dynamic, hands-on activity space. Lively and well-equipped, the room is designed to encourage children to observe, explore and express ideas, and use different tools. Children and families can invent and make art together, side by side in the studio. 


The activities are inspired by the other exhibits in the museum, as well as different art making practices and change every month. Most importantly, no matter the theme or week, visitors have the opportunity to explore, create, play, and learn in this creative space. 

We showcase the amazing work of practicing artists in our Art Lab so that children and families can be inspired by their creativity and get to know artists from around the world. We invite you to create your own masterpieces inspired by these artists at home with our art project instructables.

Two small hands with finger paint

The “A” in STEAM

The curiosity and generative thinking fostered through art nurtures design skills that apply in STEM challenges. Art and design thinking influence both the form and function of STEM problem-solving. Art and design skills are applied in open-ended STEAM challenges that involve investigation, trial and error, playful experimentation, and perseverance. The A in STEAM invites visitors to observe, ask questions, make connections, and push the boundaries of their imagination as they engage in creative problem-solving.