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Museum Membership

A gateway to play, learning, and confidence

Membership at Boston Children’s Museum gives families an opportunity to save money and fully enjoy the many innovative exhibits and programs that have made the Museum a leader among children’s museums worldwide. The Museum’s multi-sensory, hands-on environment exposes young children to activities not possible in the home or classroom. Your membership will expose your child at the critical age of their development to science, art, culture, literacy, movement, and important skills such as problem solving, observation, spatial thinking, communication, and creative thinking.

You and your family can enjoy all the benefits of being a Museum member like members-only hours, discounted birthday parties, half-price admission for guests, and more!

Corporate Connections at Boston Children’s Museum is a corporate membership program designed to provide exceptional access to the Museum’s collections and exhibits.

The Library Half-Price Discount Program makes it possible for families to visit one of Boston’s premier educational institutions at half the regular admission price.