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Engineering Fun All Week!

Engineers work with others to solve problems, make products, build buildings, and bring new ideas to life.  Be an engineer as you try various activities and challenges throughout the February vacation week. Explore, create, test, and try again! Activities will take place all of February vacation week: 

Location: The Common

Time: 9:30-11:30am, 2:00-4:00pm

Dates: Monday, February 20 – Sunday, February 26 

Special Highlights

Zoo Escape!
What happens if an animal escapes from the zoo? Practice engineering and create something to capture the animal and bring it back safely.
 Use a variety of materials to engineer something that can hold a model animal. The animal might be a bird, sea creature, mammal, reptile, or insect! Visitors will be encouraged to think about the needs of the animal as they craft their design.  

Build a City
What should a city have to meet the needs of its people? Help the Museum create a miniature city by building your own addition using a variety of materials. Contribute to a shared “city”  on the floor and create what you think the city needs (parks, libraries, homes, etc). Children will work at tables and place their finished creation somewhere in the city.  

Design It! 
How can you show your solution to a problem? Pick a challenge, imagine a solution, and use LEGO to show it in action!  Use LEGO and Strictly Briks to design solutions to a variety of empathy-based design challenges. 

WGBH/Work It Out Wombats – Special Screening of the New Family-Friendly GBH Boston Program10:00 -11:00am on Wednesday, February 22 in KidStage 
Boston Children’s Museum and Boston public media producer GBH are welcoming families to a special screening of Work it Out Wombats!, a new nationally distributed program for PBS Kids that empowers children ages 3-6 with computational thinking skills. Through the animated show, preschoolers are exposed to ways of thinking that enable them to solve problems, express themselves, and accomplish tasks using the practices, processes and ideas at the core of computer science. The event will feature a family-friendly screening of two episodes and a special appearance by Zeke, a costumed character from the program.

Participating Partners 

Internal Partners

      • Museum Collections Department
            • Pop ups throughout the week featuring tennis shoe engineering and CAD drawings from the collection! 

      External Partners

          • LetGo Your Mind
                • Monday 9:30am-12:00pm, Tuesday 2:00-4:30pm

                • LEGO mag lev cars, children will send magnet cars made of Legos down a magnet ramp.

            • STEMout
                  • Wednesday 2:00-4:30pm

                  • Building Paper Rockets!

              • DevTech
                    • Thursday and Friday 2:00-4:30pm

                    • KIBO robot and ScratchJr demos and activities with researchers from the DevTech Team!

                • Society of Women Engineers (Boston)
                      • Sunday 1:00-4:30pm 

                      • Wearable Lights: Come create Wearable Lights with Society of Women Engineers Boston Chapter. Learn how to use LED and coin cell batteries to create light up wearables such as badges and hairbands. Create cat ears, pins for your bags or even a unicorn horn!