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Morningstar Access

Morningstar Access at Boston Children’s Museum offers children with disabilities or other special/medical needs the opportunity to visit the Museum at a time when there are only a few other visitors. At these times, we have a limit of 100 guests, and children and their families can explore the Museum with less concern about large crowds.

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Girl on the dance floor during Morningstar event

Registration is required.
Available dates and times can be viewed on registration page.

What Families Had to Say About Morningstar Access

“Today was Daniel’s first real outing and he was so excited he was bouncing everywhere! He didn’t know where to go first and then just kept going. We are truly Grateful to you and the staff for having this special time!”

“VERY grateful for a special time for Nisha to come to museum. I wouldn’t be able to bring her otherwise because of her difficulty with crowds. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”

“This was an incredible experience! The previous two visits we have made to the Children’s Museum have ended in painful failure. This time there were no tears at all, only fun! Thank you for this program and thank you to the staff for being so warm, sweet and engaging.”

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