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Museum Cleaning Procedures

Prior to the Coronavirus, the Museum maintained higher than normal cleaning standards due to the hands-on nature of the Museum experience. A professional cleaning team has always been on-site during Museum operating hours to sanitize and clean the restrooms, lunchroom, common areas and exhibit galleries. We are taking additional steps to provide cleaning at the highest level possible. 

We have increased cleaning frequencies throughout the Museum. Cleaning will happen before, during, in-between, and after visitors enjoy the exhibits. The time between visitation time slots also now allows us to conduct a deep cleaning. We have added sanitation wipes and hand sanitizer stations within the Museum and exhibits. During this time Museum facilities, janitorial staff, and front-line staff will work together to get the Museum ready. High traffic exhibits and public spaces will receive an electrostatic cleaning. 

Bathrooms are cleaned multiple times throughout the day. Staff is required to consistently wash their hands. Our visitors are welcome to notify a Museum staff member if an area or object needs attention.