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News Release June 30, 2022

Boston Children’s Museum Opens Dinos in Space!

As Fun, Creative, and Silly as You Imagine

June 30, 2022

Boston Children’s Museum will open its new Dinos in Space exhibit on July 4. The exhibit will offer families an imaginary universe that brings together the awe-inspiring nature of dinosaurs and the wonder of outer space through fantastic and playful installations, murals, and displays.

Dinos in Space will invite children and adults to imagine a world where nearly anything is possible. What if dinosaurs wore clothes? Families can use their imaginations and creativity to dress up a dinosaur. What if you could create your own constellations? Make one in any shape you choose. In this imaginary universe, you can send spaceships and dinos on intergalactic journeys using a pneumatic tube system and create dinos in space-inspired drawings or poetry.

“Museum staff wanted to create something really fun for kids this summer – something that would challenge their creativity and imagination. We know kids love dinosaurs and outer space, so we put these both together into one fun, fantastic, and imaginary universe! We can’t wait to welcome families to this amazing experience,” said Carole Charnow, President and CEO.

The exhibit will be a key part of the Museum’s overall Summer of Imagination theme. While there will be fun and creative programs available all summer, we will have special Dinos in Space activities from July 5-July 25, encouraging children to create, pretend, and bring their own dino ideas to life through imaginative play.

The Museum is open Monday through Sunday from July 4 until September 5 in two time slots 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30-4:30pm. Admission is only by advance registration and ticketing. All visitors, including members, are required to reserve an advance ticket online at

For full information on what to expect, parents and caregivers should visit the Museum’s website

About Boston Children’s Museum
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Hours and Admission
The Museum is open Monday – Sunday from July 4 through September 5 with two set daily time slots, 9:00am-12:00pm and 1:30-4:30pm. To reduce touchpoints and enable timed visits, all ticketing will be done online. Members must also make reservations online. There are a limited number of visitor reservations available for each time slot. Adults, $20, children (1-15) and senior citizens, $20; children under 12 months and Museum members are always free.