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You, Me, We!: Identity and Bias

Disrupting bias to build greater empathy

Applied research and theory about identity, anti-bias, and empathy inform the meaningful messages and experiences in You, Me, We.

This shared experience presents a rich opportunity to interrupt and counteract bias devel- opment before it takes root. Visitors to You, Me, We can engage in activities and dialog about the many facets of identity; stereotypes, racism, and discrimination; and ultimately, respect, empathy, and fairness. Visitors are encouraged to consider the importance of identity, representation, and negotiating social interactions, while challenging dominant norms and bias.

You, Me, We is intentionally designed to honor, reflect and share visitors’ lived experiences. Rather than focusing on any one culture or group, the exhibit integrates community-curated content and visitor-contributed stories, providing a means for audiences to learn from and connect with one another. Interpretative signage and handouts provide resources for caregivers to support their role in healthy identity development and disrupting bias.

Three kids play with colorful balls together.
Two kids light a menorah.
A family having dinner together.
Two kids play a large game of checkers in the Common.

When people, children and adults, feel a strong sense of positive personal identity and belonging within society, they become better able to identify and address issues of injustice. Here, we celebrate children’s keen and innate sense of fairness and justice as inspiration to make a better community and world.

Won’t you join us?